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Selected to design and create a new work of public art in the New London Police Department Lobby!
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Moli Mitchel

I’m Moli I’m 17 and I’m currently living in New London I go to Science and Technology
and New London High School. I was born in Port­ au­ Prince Haiti in 1999 I didn’t move to
America till 2004 when my little brother was born. I lived in New York from 2004 to 2008 when I
moved to Connecticut. I have to 2 brothers and I currently have a sister on the way. I’ve lived
with my mom since we’ve moved to Connecticut in ‘08 my dad on the other hand lives in Florida.
I get to see him in the summer which is nice I wish I could see him more often but it is what it is.
Hopefully things will change when college rolls around.
I’m what I call not an open book but half a open book I sail, swim and the occasional
softball. I love to write poetry but I’ve been stuck for a while I haven’t written in a while. In the
future I have a couple pathways I’m applying for the peace corps this summer seeing if I get in.
If not I really want to go to Jacksonville University and major in pre-med and minor in music.
What I’m proposing for this project is to you use this small section of place in the police
station and make a collage of pictures. What I would like to do is get a Polaroid camera and go
around New London and get a pictures of police officers interacting with the community. My goal
with this is people could see that cops do some much more than we think it’s just that we’re not
always around to see it. Also I’m trying to get the truth about the police in our community and
hopefully it could help get a message across that it may need fixing.

ManonBike      BoyInCandyStore


IceCream      WomenInBar



I am the type of girl, who screws up everything she touches. I cannot go a whole day without one negative thought, but I can find the beauty in everything, except for myself. I have one too many books on my shelf, instead of one too many pairs of shoes. My scars are the biggest insecurity I have, yet I have to wear them like bracelets down my wrists. I talk in a small voice, but when I laugh, it’s loud and obnoxious. I am afraid of death, but most the time I wish I was dead. I remember the bad memories more than the good, and I don’t just let anyone through the door to my heart.

He is the type of boy, who fixes every crack he touches. He paints his world in a positive light, finding his own beauty in things that are not looked at as beautiful, like me. He has too many albums stacked on his shelf, next to the pile of his favorite films. When he talks it’s in the sweetest, most calming voice you’ll ever hear, I mean, it sounds like an angel. He is afraid of life, but still wants to keep living. He picks out the best moments of his past and replays it in the back of his mind like his favorite television show. He doesn’t just let anyone through the door to his heart.

When we met, I didn’t believe he could fall for a girl like me. I was clumsy in our conversation, without even having to trip, because I fell. I fell for him. I fell for the way he viewed the world, I fell for the way he carried secrets in his mouth, and I just craved to kiss them open. I don’t know how he fell for me, I don’t know if it was because I called him lovely instead of hot, or told him I couldn’t make love to just anyone. I don’t know if it was the way my hair always looked messy in pictures, or how I wore eyeliner way to much. I just know that he fell for me, the real me. ­(M.M)

Jessica Oppert

Jessuca_Oppert-deer    Jessuca_Oppert-3

I’ve had a strong passion for creating art since I was a young kid. I am

very energy conscious; I believe that the positive and negative energies

that I consume in places such as food and environment come out in other

aspects of my life, particularly my artwork. These energies I feel are what

lead me to open my mind to endless possibilities, and these possibilities

have lead me to question the world we live in more heavily. These are the

underlying ideas that I find resonate within me and my work.

I’m currently a graphic design student at Norwich Technical High School,

though my goal for the future is to travel and explore more artistic

possibilities for myself.

Jessuca_Oppert-6    Jessuca_Oppert-4

Jessuca_Oppert-5 Jessuca_Oppert-2 kungfu

tumblr_o2yjisnC021sfl8rjo1_1280 tumblr_o0y4sbK8fD1sfl8rjo1_1280

Xiangyu Jin

Kyle-Crossing-the-Black-Hole Kyle-human-evolution

Xiangyu Jin is my Chinese name, and I’m an international student

studying in the Norwich Free Academy.

Since I was young, I can say that my father influenced me lot. He

bought and designed one of the first generation of bars in China, and is

most likely how I learned how to discover and create stuff.

There is a Chinese term we called yishudakeng (art pit), used to

describe people who go to art school as being those who can’t get good

grades anywhere else. That makes it difficult for me to learn about art

which I fully love, so I came to the U.S. to study.

I like working with soft, fluid line in my art, all the beautiful lines gives

billion of ideas, my mind rolls, my blood boils, my hands tremble, with a

voice telling me, “this is what you should strive to pursue”.


薯条山!  凶蛙2

无题  旧工厂


Woman-and-Man         TheFlower

Clara-Luz Hoffman

I am Clara-Luz Hoffman, a New London artist that attends the Science

and Technology Magnet High School. I’ve been drawing ever since I could

pick up a pencil, and since then I’ve been head over heels in love with art.

Art is something I can lose myself in, pour my soul into, and just have fun

while creating it. I am inspired by my surroundings, my imagination, and

the people in my life.

I love to work with vibrant colored paints, and make these surreal eye

catching scenes. I enjoy putting a pencil to paper and drawing lines and

shapes that don’t seem to make sense together at first, but fit together in

the end. I love to exaggerate features and to paint harsh colorful shadows

on the human face to represent different moods. I enjoy sketching eyes

because I believe the eyes tell so much more about a person, than

anything else. My art represents who I am, how I live, and how I perceive

the world around me.

Clara-Luz_Hoffman-4 Clara-Luz_Hoffman-5 Clara-Luz_Hoffman-3 Clara-Luz_Hoffman-2

Adriana Robbins

Addy-SlaterStatue image

My name’s Adriana Robbins (Addy).

I love art and the way it influences the world… and continues to

influence me. I feel like a richer person for having had art in my life, and

I’d like to share that. So I create a lot, mostly rough drawings that I draw

for myself, but I have a desire to change the world and the way people

view it. I want people to become aware, and to be happy.

At my school, Norwich Free Academy, I’m in three clubs: Writer’s Ink,

Quiz Bowl, and Student Art Association. I am also a member of the

National Art Honor Society.

My art usually includes rough pencil marks and visible brushwork

along with smooth shading and transitions. Currently I’m experimenting

with using objects as metaphors in my work, focusing mainly on time, and

the passage of it.

Addy-NegativeSpace    Adriana_Robbins-Athena

Christmas Lights In July   Grasp

Carlstrom Still      Church

Sharpener   Swing

White Out and Sharpie   On