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Troy Zaushny

Troy Zaushny is a painter and printmaker from New London, Ct. His work is a contemplation of spiritual identity, consciousness, and the natural world as they are being transformed by science and technology.

Troy recently returned from “Ethiopian Odyssey II”, a painting tour of Maji and the Southern Nations of Ethiopia. There he worked with a group of artists, writers, and humanitarians to create a series of children’s books which will be translated into the many native languages of the country.

Other murals to his credit include “The Hard Hat Painters” and the reproduction of “The Hygienic Ladies”, both with Michael McNabney here in New London.

More of his work at


"The Hard Hat Painters" 2012 (detail)   ladiesinwinter   

curtains Zaushny_NR3_Mimsy1000

bee   Zaushny_Full_Circle-5

Progress at the NLPD!

With the deadline rapidly approaching, thing begin to take form.
Kyle, Ben, Arianna, and Addy hard at work.
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IMG_4177   IMG_4195

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