Month: May 2016

Canvas Works!

Addy and Arianna work up some images from sketch to finished painting.

IMG_3884    IMG_3875

20160418-_DSC9600   IMG_4008

IMG_4030   IMG_4012

20160420-_1230268   IMG_1698

IMG_3975    IMG_4033

Designing phase one

Arianna and Clara are working together on a major portion of the mural.  We’ve decided to incorporate the existing mural, but change the colors to our pallet.
Arianna has developed a great Sol LeWitt style mural concept, and some original anime characters for the windows.

Clara meanwhile has been developing a series of hand gestures representing community relationships that she painted and arranged in photoshop.

IMG_4037   IMG_4054

IMG_4055    IMG_3870

IMG_4024   frontwindow03



Ben Jammin’ !!!

I hired Ben as a studio hand, but He’s been such an asset to the project that I’ve invited him to be one of the contributing artists.
Here he is working on one of the canvases for the New London Police Station stairway- with a special appearance from his friend Sky.

Ben says his work is heavily influenced by the work of New London/Brooklyn artist Denny Rivera.

IMG_3977   IMG_4013

IMG_4016   IMG_4032

IMG_4041   IMG_4078

IMG_4052   IMG_4079