Xiangyu Jin

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Xiangyu Jin is my Chinese name, and I’m an international student

studying in the Norwich Free Academy.

Since I was young, I can say that my father influenced me lot. He

bought and designed one of the first generation of bars in China, and is

most likely how I learned how to discover and create stuff.

There is a Chinese term we called yishudakeng (art pit), used to

describe people who go to art school as being those who can’t get good

grades anywhere else. That makes it difficult for me to learn about art

which I fully love, so I came to the U.S. to study.

I like working with soft, fluid line in my art, all the beautiful lines gives

billion of ideas, my mind rolls, my blood boils, my hands tremble, with a

voice telling me, “this is what you should strive to pursue”.


薯条山!  凶蛙2

无题  旧工厂


Woman-and-Man         TheFlower

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