Adriana Robbins

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My name’s Adriana Robbins (Addy).

I love art and the way it influences the world… and continues to

influence me. I feel like a richer person for having had art in my life, and

I’d like to share that. So I create a lot, mostly rough drawings that I draw

for myself, but I have a desire to change the world and the way people

view it. I want people to become aware, and to be happy.

At my school, Norwich Free Academy, I’m in three clubs: Writer’s Ink,

Quiz Bowl, and Student Art Association. I am also a member of the

National Art Honor Society.

My art usually includes rough pencil marks and visible brushwork

along with smooth shading and transitions. Currently I’m experimenting

with using objects as metaphors in my work, focusing mainly on time, and

the passage of it.

Addy-NegativeSpace    Adriana_Robbins-Athena

Christmas Lights In July   Grasp

Carlstrom Still      Church

Sharpener   Swing

White Out and Sharpie   On

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